My old achievements. I deleted my palmware from web site when my web site was ported from MovableType to WordPress. Because I thought that nobody no longer need my palmware. But I restored them. It is memorable a start of Android software development. πŸ™‚


Desk Accesory (“DA”) to switch auto-off time. Normal configuration has ‘1 min’, ‘2 min’ and ‘3 min’ settings. This DA can set more varied time.

Be careful when you choose long time or ‘Never’ as auto-off time.


This application is ‘Unit price calculator’. You can calculate which cheap is, $298 for 150 pieces or $498 for 270 pieces.

Android version is available too!

NC Sakura

Fortune-teller for Japanese personal name. Stroke count of Japanese personal name has a special fortune. This application counts it automatically and recommends good fortune first name for your last name.

This application is just helper. There are wide variety ways how to count good fortune stroke. You have to decide your child’s name by yourself.

Uninstall first if ‘NC Sakura’ that is ver.0.86 or older has been installed.


This application sends Morse code by using backlight. You can use this application as distress signal, secret communication in dark and so on. For only peaceful uses. πŸ™‚

This application does’t work on PalmOS5…


Guess number game. If your guess is wrong, a hint is displayed. You have to find correct number based on the hint.